Zombies are an extremely common enemy to the SUMHDP, and the Heroes know how to deal with them. The Zombie virus has been spreading rapidly, and is appearing on many planets throughout the universe. They can also be found in different forms called Special Infected. These zombies are much stronger than normal ones, like the tank.

Special InfectedEdit

  1. Crusher: The Crusher is extremely strong and is the biggest Special Infected.
  2. Sneaker: The Sneaker is the scariest Special Infected, mainly because you don't even know it is there until it attacks.
  3. Blader: The Blader is the second strongest Special Infected, with camoflauge so you can't see it, and three feet long swords coming out of each arm.
  4. Taurer: The Taurer is a big, four legged, three horned Special Infected that runs full speed at his enemies, while it's body spit acid.

More Special Infected are around, but have not been logged and/or studied. If you see any new Special Infected, be sure to log them here.


All zombies have an extreme weakness to fire, and getting their heads blown off.