X3-V5 ARC BOT, or, X3 for short, was a repair droid made by the SUMHDP. One day, as he was cleaning up, one of the maintainance crew fell off of a platform, and was barely holding on. X3 saw this and immediately tried to help, but he startled the crew member and he dropped his welding beam, cutting a hole in the ship's hull. The hole instantly created a vacuum and started pulling the crew member in, but X3 grabbed his wrist and pulled him up, taking a scrap peice of metal and plugging the hole with it. General Daxter noticed this bravery, and he had X3 upgraded into a Hero Bot. He is now more of a defensive Hero, making cover out of spare parts and himself, protecting other Heroes. He is now part of Alpha Squad, and works with Razorfin and Quake

Extra DetailsEdit

  • His main weapons are built in Deltabeam wrist-lasers, capable of cutting open doors, elevators, walls, and even enemies.
  • X3 is more of a support Hero, using his tools to get into places, making cover, and protecting the rest of his Squad.