These steps will help you to becoming one of our bravest captains, teaching you how to get started with your personal Hero Squads.

First StepsEdit

  1. Think up a name for your Squad. Example: Bullet Squad, Flame Squad, Frost Squad
  2. Make a page for your Squad.
  3. Make your first Hero.
  4. Link him to your Squad page.
  5. Make more Heroes.
  6. Link them to your Squad page too.
  7. Done!

Squad/Hero Making DetailsEdit

  • You may only have three Heroes per Squad.
  • You can create multiple Squads.
  • There are three Heroes per Squad so that one can be Light class, one can be Medium class, and one can be Heavy class. You have to have one of each size class in your Squad.
  • You can choose out of 3 different types of Heroes so far: Support, Assault,and Spec-Ops. Others will be added soon.