Basic starships are fast, have moderate weapons, and most have lightspeed functions. There are different types of starships, such as: ARC Starships, Fighter Starships, Recon Starships, Transport Starships, Speeder Starships, and Bomber Starships. You can give each of your Heroes a starship, but they can only have one(ARC Starships are not available for Heroes). This will show you the different properties of the starships.

ARC StarshipsEdit

ARC Starships are the main base starships, with the ARC-24 being the main operations base. They are big, with many different rooms and defense mechanisms, such as automated turrets, heat sensors, and every room requires a keycard to open.

Fighter StarshipsEdit

Fighter starships are meant for space battles, and are usually equipped with either V-Cut mk5 or Novaray laserbeams, Kronoforce-52 rockets, and a short range force field. Fighters are also customizable, with many different parts to use.

Recon StarshipsEdit

Recon starships are meant for stealth missions, like detecting force fields around an enemy's ship, or scouting the area before an attack. Recon starships are great for this because they are pitch-black and have an auto-cloaking device that activates when it gets in the range of a tracking field. Recon starships don't have many weapons though, as they are meant to avoid fights.

Transport StarshipsEdit

Transport starships carry Heroes to their destinations with as little damage taken as possible. They have quadruple reinforced tritanium plating, making them extremely hard to destroy. The only downside is that they have absolutely no weapons.

Speeder StarshipsEdit

Speeder starships are extremely fast and are usually customized racers, equipped with dual automatic laser rifles on each wing. They are newly equipped with science's latest discovery, "Brightlightspeed". This new lightspeed variant goes twice as fast as normal lightspeed and lasts 1/4 as long.

Bomber StarshipsEdit

Bomber starships have a pretty good defense, and their weapons are even better. They use all kinds of different bombs, such as: Napalm, Radiation, EMP, EDT(Electronic Device Terminator), and many other types. One of their best funcions is the ability to fly within a planet's atmosphere to drop their bombs, increasing the effectiveness compared to dropping it from space.