Razorfin is a Tigershark, and the most skilled close-range shooter in Alpha Squad. He mostly uses shotguns, and his favorite is his custom-made one, the Sharktooth. He had always been a buff, gun-loving Tigershark, until he found out he had real skills. He had just gotten in to the shooting range and picked up his gun when all of a sudden he heard a door smash open. He looked around the corner to see 8 Tigersharks break down the door to the building, and had their guns pointing at the owner, telling him to give them his money. Raozrfin jumped out, surprising the robbers and starting a firefight. Captain Daxter had his men look into the disturbance and was amazed by what he saw. He quickly sent his men in and they took care of the problem, and grabbed Razorfin. He quickly improved his skills of survival, and guns, making his way up to Alpha Squad rank in no time.

Extra DetailsEdit

  • His gun, Sharktooth, is a modified Spas-12 with different colouring, a piercing bullet effect, extra force with each shot, and a modified grip.
  • He wears triple reinforced invincium armor, the hardest material in the universe.
  • His home planet is called Tigeropteros.