The SUMHDP's 10 Rules of HeroicnessEdit

  1. DO NOT make random pages, use proper grammar, and try to let your readers know what they are trying to read about.
  2. You must make your captain's page. It is called a captain's page because you are the captain of secret military squadrons. Look at the General Daxter page for reference. (It is called 'General Daxter because he is the founder, you must make your page a 'Captain's' page.)
  3. Do not ask to be admin. You must first be a ChatMod to become an admin. You gain ChatMod status by achieving 400 edits. After that AwesomeDaxter must decide when you get admin.
  4. NO SWEARING. You will be banned from the chat.
  5. NO EDITING OTHER'S PAGES. You will be given a warning. Three warnings and you are banned.
  6. LABEL YOUR PAGES WITH YOUR NAME. Do this so that people don't edit your pages by mistake. You will not be given any warnings or anything, but people who edit unlabelled pages will not be given a penalty.
  7. NO BEING MEAN. If you are being bullied, ask AwesomeDaxter for help. He will take care of the problem.
  8. NO BANNING without AwesomeDaxter's approval. If you want someone blocked, inform AwesomeDaxter about why he should be blocked.
  9. Try and get along with others and form a clan consisting of up to three people. In a clan, you may make a page about your clan, name it, and make comics using your characters. (This is just a suggestion. If you don't want to be in a clan, that's ok. Although you cannot make a comic if you are not in a clan.)
  10. BE NICE ON THE CHAT. If you aren't, you will be banned.