Quake is a ninja, the last of his kind. He lived on the planet Geopteus, where the earth ninjas made their home. He was trained in the mystical arts of the earth ninjas, also known as the Kouriim. All was peaceful for the Kouriim, until a great war bagan, between the Kouriim, and the Fire ninjas, the Yohavar. They travelled to Geopteus and started a Great War. By the end of the Great War, Quake was the last of the Kouriim. Alone, he travelled across the universe in his spaceship, fighting monsters and seeing new places. Captain Daxter heard of Quake and his powers and recruited him, putting him on an elite squad, Alpha Squad.

Extra DetailsEdit

  • Quake is a skilled unarmed fighter, capable of creating earthquakes if he punches the ground.
  • Quake wears a trench coat made of Triflux Fibres, and wears a device that creates a field around him which removes sound within the field.
  • His goggles have built-in X-ray lenses, letting him see through walls.
  • He uses a grappling hook to disappear instantly, and reappear behind his enemy, upside-down spidey style.
  • Quake also has an active camo device, which pretty much makes him a chameleon when it is turned on.
  • One of his weapons is an Assassin's Wrist Knife, which comes out of his glove. He uses it to stab his enemies while attacking with a palm blow.