Gnarlers may look cute, but underneath that cute little outside they are green, evil, vicious, terrifying, destructive monsters. They don't have any arms, or eyes, but a razor-sharp fin on their back, strong hind legs, and extremely powerful hearing, these little guys pack a punch. They are found on most planets, and nobody in the known universe knows where they came from. Some think they are aliens from a destroyed planet, and others think they were always around, just in an underevolved state, and have now started evolving extremely fast. Nobody has any backed up theories, but one thing is for sure: don't mess around with these guys.


Gnarlers can mutate at birth, giving them special differences that normal Gnarlers don't have, and a different color.

  • Brute (Blue): Brute Gnarlers are huge, with many more teeth than a normal Gnarler, and giant hind legs for charging.
  • Flyer (Yellow): These Gnarlers are vicious, armed with huge hind leg claws and three feet long wings, they fly around scratching people's faces, or biting them from above.
  • Smasher (Red): Smashers are the only form of Gnarler with arms, and they are not to be underestimated. If a smasher grabs you, it will crush the part of your body that it grabbed, and throw you 10 feet away.


Gnarlers don't like loud noises because of their excellent hearing. They also don't like it when they get shot in the face(do they have faces?).