Blitzirax is an insane little Shadow Demon, armed with spikes all over his body, and dual SMGs. He works with Crokorakk and Krononex in Zeta Squad. He was summoned by Doomekron to complete his Villain Squad. Blitzirax can also climb upside-down on ceilings, jumping down behind you and stabbing you in the central nerve. His spikes will probably kill you instantly, but if they don't they have a little 'explosive' after-effect. He has a special venom covering his entire body, which gets inside the wound and.... Well, makes it to your heart and the materials the heart is made of mixed with the venom, kind of results in an explosion.

Extra DetailsEdit

  • Blitzirax's short-form of his name is Blitz.
  • His blood is the venom covering his body, but since he's a Shadow Demon he dosen't have a heart. Or any internal organs. At all.